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Juan Borgia







Character info
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Questions? Comments? Am I doing it wrong? Just drop me a line here!

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[SO AFTER THAT WICKED PARTY there's one dude who's just taken a very long ride, and now is trying to get pretty damn drunk]
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OKAY GIFT TIME, tell me if I missed anyone.

From Juan:
-For Cesare (picasso): A lovely saddle with matching reins and equipment.
-For Cesare (Dali): A pure black sword, with matching dagger and sheaths.
-For Daniel: A dagger and sheath "You seem to be in need of training. Seek me out if you would learn to use this."
-For Guy: A new set of leather armor. "To replace what damage this season has brought."
-For Sakuya: a bitty bird-sized fainting couch. Okay no, inside of a box wrapped with what looks like 16'th century (censored) porn, is some damn fine dove-friendly snacks.
-For Isabella: Ancient Roman erotica, really, really trashy erotica. A note attached: "We have an entire room of this in the Vatican, I have found a 'virtual tour' of it on the machines we all have."

From Shaun:
-For Cesare (picasso): This "I'm already dreading that I'm giving you more ammunition."
-For Malik: This book with a note, "Found this an interesting read, and I thought you might like a look."
-For Altair: A warm winter clothes, still appropriately Assassin-colored.
-For Fenris: Mulled wine and a nice cheese, plus some good bread.
-For Elena: A boxset of "No Reservations", namely this one
-For Nate: this glorious belt buckle
-For Hawke: This book "It's more for a bit of a laugh, but if you try any of it on Fenris, I never had a hand in it."
-For Isabella: Wine, with a note saying how sorry that he is that he couldn't think of anything better, and just to have her name whatever she wants to make up for it.

Zhores... just had a low-key Christmas this year and gave out small things. The exception is Cesare(picasso) who got... well, most of his "supplies". The note reads: "Use them well. Don't breathe them in."
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[Today there's five people over by the entrance of the labs]

I believe that is all we need...
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Oh hey, I hit 1200 comments, so time to steal Cesare's meme:

ASK A QUESTION, it can be anything CFUD related. OOC, IC, relationship/first impressions, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character (relationships and whatnot) or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons, Hot or Not, You Should Jump Me, App My Canon, whatever you want to ask for. WHEN I REPLY, I will also ask you a question in turn! If we can think of questions anyway who knows.

I play Juan Borgia, Shuan Hastings, and Zhores Barsoukova.
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[One Juan Borgia's bedroom, a little lounge area by the window, a fuckton of pillows on it, and a Juan resting on them. Go]
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I would have a word with you, far from the eyes of my brother.
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I am [personal profile] basilmemories
I play Zhores Barsoukova, Shaun Hastings, and Juan Borgia

Contact Methods: gtalk (basilmemories at gmail) is my best bet, but sometimes I can be found on IRC under Shaun/Zhores/Exc, after that it's plurk ([ profile] basilmemories), twitter ([ profile] basilmemories), and if none of those work, tumblr ([ profile] 3ammicrosleeps) the last one is mostly me doing dumb fandom and sparklepet things though. Also I'm around for skyping if you want (basilmemories, I know. these usernames are so varied).

However I don't do AIM, like. ever.

Timezone and Scheduling Issues: PST, and I'm mostly free on every day other than Tuesday, and early wed. I tend to be more active in the afternoon-evening my time (noonish to 4am or so) Unless I'm playing the sleep deprivation bonus round. Then I could be up whenever.

Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: DO IT, DO IT NOW. If I drop tags remind me, and I'll pick them back up. I'm also a big fan of back-threading.

Comfort Levels: I get squicked by pedophilia (and shota excexc), bodily waste, eye damage, and dental harm. Past that I'm seriously hard to be made uncomfortable.

Concrit/OOC issues: Please let me know! I like to be told when it's still a little problem before it becomes a big problem. I may however essay/miniessay back at you about how I look at the problem to see if that explains anything. Or because I just like to essay. It's mainly that really.

Goals: Have pretendy-fun? Sometimes I will go "OH MAN I WANT TO DO X WITH Y", in which case expect either the most pathetically shy request ever, or a metric crapton of capslock and excitement. There will be no other options.

Essays and Memes: Most of my essays are me talking at one person while they smile and nod and desperately hope that I shut the hell up. Sometimes when I remember I transfer them into rambleessay posts.

Beta-ing: I am really poor at judging funny, grammar, or taste. I do have a decent nitpick sense on voice though, so please send them my way if you want that. I don't have the fastest turnaround though.

AU-ing: ALWAYS. By which I mean I eagerly await the message in my inbox asking for that all-walrus planet exploration/adventure AU.
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Name: Juan Borgia
Age: 20ish? (two papal bulls were drafted for him, one makes him 21, the other, 20)
Height: 6'0 (so Manga Cesare still remains the shortest)
Weight: 167 lb
Medical Info: Previously had a nastly little std and leg wound, now he's fine and pretty darn healthy.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Physical traits: Average build, with a touch on the lanky side and seems to posess no spine, big ol' puppy-dog eyes, a lovely voice, if one could ignore the horrible words coming out of his mouth he'd be rather handsome... It's downright impossible to ignore the horrible words that come out of his mouth.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything. He's been through a LOT, he can take it.
Abilities: Swordfightans, horseback riding, the ability to be a pain in the ass for everybody in a thirty-foot radius.
Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: XXXX, bitter about failings, damnit family y u no loev me/you're all bastards, XXXX, classist bullshit, XXXX, general dickery, and XXXX
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Ask! I’ll probably say yes.
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Same as above.
Maim/Murder/Death: Also same as above.
Cooking: Ahaha no. Rich boy would manage to burn water.


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